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Rocksology crystal gifts

The Story of Rocksology

Who are we?

Rocksology is a UAE grown, family run business. We combine wellbeing with jewelry for you to wear beautiful accessories that are meaningful and empowering to you. We use quality natural stones, from across the crystal world, to create stylish designs with the benefits of crystal energy healing.

We pride ourselves on our handmade, customized accessories which include: beaded bracelets and rings, (best sellers include the Evil Eye Bracelet and Rose Quartz Bracelet), Sterling Silver necklaces with interchangeble stones, Sterling Silver earrings, wire wrapped jewelry and bead phone and bag charms.

Check out our original collections of crystal and sterling silver jewelry on the shop page.

In 2021 we opened our first store in Yas Mall, Abu Dhabi under the trade name of Rocksology, with the intention to expand in the near future. We were quick to capture the attention of fashion and crystal minded shoppers and just after one month, we were starting to build a loyal customer base. Our reviews of high quality products and great customizing services reflect the efforts and passion we pour into our creations.

Designing with different color and energy combinations has become a passion that we are excited to share with you! The concept of Rocksology is to combine wellbeing with jewelry so that you can wear beautiful accessories that are empowering and meaningful to you.

We Customize

The best part is, we customize! The friendly Rocksology Team are trained in Crystal and Chakra Energy Healing, which means the products you take from them are made with high quality, natural crystals, each with their unique energy healing benefit. The Team will advise you on which crystals will balance your personal energy with the information you give them. The next step is where we design your product. Whether its a bead bracelet, stone pendant, crystal ring or masbaha, once the design is perfected we make our final touch of assembling it and presenting as the perfect personal crystal jewelry gift.

We pack it in a small luxury pouch and sliding drawer box with the option of gift wrapping to make it extra special.

Our Online Services

We offer our beautiful customized crystal accessories here with delivery inside the UAE.

Here, we've listed our best selling crystal jewelry collections to save you time in your search for the perfect gift.

Simply provide us with your address and your gift will be delivered to your door!

Wishing you the best of energy,
Megan & Hussam
Founders of Rocksology

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