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Welcome to our Crystal Tower and Sphere collection.

If jewelry isn't your thing or if you're looking for a bigger source of energy then towers and spheres are just what you need.


Surround yourself with high vibrational healing energyhere!

Crystal towers can be used to impact bigger energy fields such as the space near your bed or your office desk.

Spheres are handy to keep in your bag or car. This size is also used for Reiki and massage.


When it comes to crystals each piece is unique making each piece a limited edition.

To promote healthy and positive energy in your surroundings, you may invest in the crystal towers and spheres, as their power to de-stress the atmosphere is exceptional. Due to the scenic, dynamic and spirited energy emitted by the crystal towers and spheres, these are soothing for the mind and also work in destressing and uplifting the mood. Their spiritual association and healing powers make these meditating tools high in demand.

The crystal sphere and towers have unbelievably cool aesthetics attached to them, which makes them a perfect thing to place beside your bed or anywhere near your working desk. A wholesome feeling of love, pure joy, and calmness are attached to these beautifully intricated crystal balls and towers. The balancing energy provided by these crystal towers and spheres has healing and meditating powers, which instantly make your body feel light and active.

The crystal Quartz Towers have 6 to 8 sides, depending upon the design, and a flat surface that helps them stand straight. The crystal shapes are polished and sharpened from the edges to give it a finalized look. Wherever these crystal towers are placed, they produce energy outwards in every direction.

What are the Crystal Towers & Spheres Made of?


A beautiful clear crystal sphere is made of Quartz and has mandarin hues, which seem to change color in sunlight. To channel energy in almost every surrounding, the crystal tower is made with Quartz Crystal, also commonly known as Rock Crystal. The Quartz Crystal has spiritual association and can be used in aiding spiritual development. Due to its natural composition, there are natural holes, carvings, and blemishes on the crystal's surface, making them look even more beautiful.

Types and Uses of Crystal Spheres and Towers

Crystal Spheres are towers are available in a lot of varieties, and each one is equally beneficial for the health of mind and soul. We have some spectacular crystal towers and spheres available in the shop, or you may place an online order as well.

Some commonly existing types of these crystal spheres and towers are as follows:

Natural Labradorite Crystal: This is an extremely beneficial crystal to enhance spirituality, strength, and perseverance. It helps you stay calm and concentrate on developing new ideas while eliminating the negativities from the surroundings. 


Natural Rose Quartz Crystal: It promotes self-confidence and fosters mutual harmony and inner healing. Those who have emotional stress or suffer from a broken heart should place Rose Quartz Sphere in their room.

Clear Quartz Crystal: Associated with wisdom, spirituality, and sensitivity, Quartz crystal helps you remain concentrated on your work goals. Also, this crystal sphere promotes love and romantic relationships.

Natural Tiger Eye Crystal:  Known for bringing good luck and wisdom, Natural Tiger Eye crystal is also associated with combatting illness and promoting mental clarity. It brings courage and fights fears, so placing it near your bed will help you take a fearless sleep if you have any sleeping disorder. 

Natural Aventurine Crystal: It is particularly useful in boosting metabolism, lowering cholesterol levels, and controlling various allergies. From controlling heart issues to sinus, migraines, and muscular problems, this crystal is known to have multiple health effects. 

Natural Amethyst Crystal: It stimulates good sleep, fights anxiety, and is associated with mind decluttering and relaxation. Those who are seeking spiritual connection and natural meditation, Amethyst crystal works great for them.

How to Take Care of the Crystal Sphere and Tower?

If your crystal towers and sphere are clean all the time when you use them, they result in attracting more energy and positivity, resulting in cleaning the atmosphere from all the negativities.

Cleaning a crystal tower or sphere is easy and can be done in 2 ways, i.e., water cleanse and incense cleanse.

Water Cleanse

  • Place a towel in the sink and put the sphere/tower onto the towel.

  • Fill the sink with 1 gallon of distilled water till it covers the ball/tower completely.

  • Add 2 tbsp of salt for 1 gallon of water. The salt ratio may vary for every gallon of added water. Dissolve the salt thoroughly in the water using a wooden spoon.

  • Let the ball/tower soak inside the water for a good 24 hours.

  • Remove the ball/tower and clean it with a fresh piece of cloth.

  • Put it on its base or stand to let it dry completely.

Incense Cleanse

  • Light sandalwood or any cleansing incense and place it on a holder near the crystal sphere/tower.

  • Move the incense around the crystal sphere/tower so it may cleanse it thoroughly.

  • Blow out the incense and keep it for cleansing later.

  • Clean the sphere/tower gently with a lint-free cloth.

How Do We Manufacture Crystal Spheres & Towers?

At Rocksology, we create crystal towers and spheres with premium care and provide an end product that is both aesthetic and meditating. A very large crystal is cut down into polyhedron shapes and then melted into random shapes. Later, it is put into a polishing machine, where it goes through larger grains and finer grains. The final buffing is performed to give the crystal shape a fine and glowing surface.

Properties of our Crystal Towers & Spheres

Each piece at Rocksology is made with love and shows uniqueness with its aesthetically pleasing designs. Some of the remarkable properties of our crystal towers and spheres are as follows:

  • Handy in size and can be put anywhere.

  • Can be used for massage and Reiki.

  • Keep yourself surrounded with healing and positive energy all the time.

  • Use the crystal sphere as a healer by rolling it onto the painful area.

  • If you have a sleeping disorder, you can place the sphere/tower near your bed for a good night’s sleep.

  • Can be used as the meditation of the entire body or for chakra balancing meditation.

  • Use it as a statement decoration piece.

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