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Welcome to our Stone Pendant Collection.

Combining simplicity and authenticity for a unique crystal necklace.

This minimalist collection is created with only one stone to be more energy focused and to give a specific vibrational purpose.


They are affordable and durable as the thread is made with nylon cord which is known for long lasting and durability.  

Jewelry is one of the most essential accessories in a person’s life, especially for women. No matter what generation or part of the world a person belongs to, everyone is attracted by beautiful things and the serene feeling they bring with them. Whenever there is talk about things that spread beauty, there is talk about jewelry.

Due to the vast demand and interest of people, jewelry has a large number of domains now. It’s not just about some designs of gold or silver necklaces or just some rings with a diamond on them. People are attracted to more diverse kinds of jewelry nowadays, and that’s when stone pendants enter the market.

In this new generation, jewelry is not just restricted to women. It is for everyone who loves it. This is also why minimalistic jewelry designs are becoming the pride of the market.

Stone pendants stand for the same idea and represent the same concept. They provide a minimalistic and elegant look, due to which stone pendants become the center of attraction for people of all ages and tastes.

As the demand for Stone pendants increases, quality is another rising concern. Where can one get top-notch quality and designs of stone pendants at reasonable prices?

Look nowhere else, as we are here at with our top-quality stone pendants with beautiful, elegant designs that can leave you spellbound.

Rocksology and Stone Pendants

We opened our first store, Rocksology, in 2021 in Yas Mall, Abu Dhabi. We quickly captured the attention and interest of customers that were looking for exquisite and crystal-based accessories. 

If you are looking for stone pendants made of different crystals, come and shop at Rocksology, as we offer the most elegant designs and a variety of crystals used for stone pendants.

Crystals We Use in Our Stone Pendants

At Rocksolgy, we focus a lot on the different crystals for their healing abilities and on the designs, they are presented with.

Because obviously, no good company compromises on the elegance of their product.

The perfect place for people to buy stone pendants, with a stone having healing powers and an elegant look that matches any kind of outfit, is Rocksology.

The details about some of the crystals used are given below,

Amethyst Stone Pendants

Amethyst crystals are purple in color and can lower the feeling of sadness and protect the person wearing the stone from negative energy. According to Zodiacs, the zodiac sign they belong to is Aquarius. Spiritually, amethyst crystal protects one from negative thoughts, emerges the creative spirit in oneself, and surrounds one with positivity.

So, if one is looking to benefit from the healing powers of amethyst and a way to wear this in the form of an eye-catching pendant, then one can buy the amethyst stone pendant necklace from us at rocksology by either visiting our store or ordering these stone pendants online.

Citrine Stone Pendant

Citrine crystals have the power to recharge one’s spirit. The citrine crystal fills one with positive energy and helps improve the digestion process of the person wearing it. It helps in aiding most infections and helps in strengthening one’s nerves.

Moreover, one of its benefits is handy for women as they help in balancing the hormones and dealing with menstrual problems. Citrine stone is always known for attracting wealth and success for the person wearing it. Thus, making it very popular among our customers. Citrine stone is the primary stone for the Zodiac sign Sagittarius.

Furthermore, the designs of this charming orange crystal available at Rocksology will leave one spellbound and with a compulsion to buy those elegant pendants. Beauty, class, and spiritual help all can be bought from us, a stone pendant shop in Abu Dhabi named Rocksology.

Malachite Stone Pendant

Malachite is a green crystal that is best for women as it helps with menstrual cramps and facilitates childbirth. It has also been given the name “midwife stone.” It also helps lower blood pressure and curates many diseases, including sexual disorders. It is also best suitable for the Zodiac sign Capricorn. Thus, if you need a gift for a female friend whose birthday is coming up or a gift for a friend’s baby shower, getting her a malachite stone pendant beautifully designed by us will be the best idea ever.

Customized Stone Pendants

Another impeccable service we provide is the option for customers to have a customized pendant. Our team at Rocksology is always ready to help and guide our customers about crystal stone's capabilities and help them decide what crystal and what design for the pendant will suit them the best.


We at Rocksology always prioritize our customers and work our best to provide them with stone pendants of top-notch quality. You can also visit our store in Abu Dhabi and our online shop at our website.

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